Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) prides itself on achieving a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction and machine reliability across the Hitachi and Bell machinery brands.

We work with our customers to understand their operational goals and to maximise machine productivity, from scheduled maintenance through to complete asset management. Our experienced factory trained technicians and product support representatives are on call to ensure your machinery operates to the highest standards. Wherever you are, our 24/7 nationwide customer service and support team are ready to help you. For the latest parts and service offers, contact us today.

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We offer comprehensive services, including: routine machine servicing, repairs, major component change and rebuild, maintenance and repair contracts, oil analysis and fixed priced servicing. These services are available across our company owned, national branch network of workshops and mobile field service units. Why not call us today on 1300 HITACHI, doesn’t matter if you require service or maintenance on-site or at one of our fully equipped workshop facilities, we are here to help.

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Service and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

You need minimum operating costs and maximum fuel efficiency, our dedicated field service and workshops teams are ready to assist you with your next scheduled service or to find the parts that you will need.

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Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis

A high percentage of system failures are due to some form of contamination. Regular oil sampling allows you to detect the contamination early before it can cause a major and expensive failure to occur.


Customer Training

Customer Training

To ensure your machinery operates at peak performance, we offer tailored training solutions, including basic machine familiarisation, service manuals, troubleshooting, maintenance procedures and operator training.

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Customer Training

Customised Services

We also offer specialised services such as shut crew teams, undercarriage, bucket and GET inspection and repairs, paint booth facilities. At HCA we offer services on all makes/models and other services upon request.

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Customer Training

Hitachi Elevation System

The Hitachi Elevation System ensures reduced downtime, maximising productivity by making on-site maintenance and repairs more efficient and cost effective than conventional lift methods.



Contracts and Agreements

In today’s competitive operating environment it helps to know what your future maintenance costs may be, whilst reducing downtime and extending machine life. HCA contracts and agreements are tailored to fit your business needs and can range from maintenance, repairs to performance guarantees for your specific business needs. No matter what, you can be rest assured that HCA, can provide you with ongoing support for all your products and parts.

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Fixed Price Servicing

Fixed Price Servicing

Understanding future scheduled maintenance costs is important for an operator’s cash flow. We provide fixed priced servicing schedules for most of our construction equipment models.

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Hitachi Preventative Maintenance Program


Our Preventative Maintenance Program is a service cost solution that also extends your powertrain warranty. Designed to reduce operating cost and downtime, extend machine life and improve machine resale value.

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Maintenance and Repair Contract


A Maintenance and Repair Contract is designed to calculate all repair and maintenance costs for an agreed term. This includes all parts, labour, sub contracts and consumables.

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Cost Cap

Cost Cap

Cost cap is designed to calculate the replacement cost of selected machine major components for an agreed term based on specific component life and operating conditions.

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Cost Cap

Customised Agreements

We offer national or site based labour agreements, parts by the hour, tailored site based solutions and specialised agreements to suits your specific requirements.

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Machine Monitoring

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) offers equipment tracking, maintenance, daily operating information and equipment health conditions through advanced satellite monitoring systems, nation-wide for all your Hitachi and Bell machinery.

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Hitachi Global E Service

Diagnostics and training for Hitachi machinery

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Bell Fleetmatic

Real time machine monitoring for Bell equipment

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Request for Assistance

Our dedicated field service and workshop teams are ready to assist with your service needs 24/7.

So contact Hitachi Construction Machinery today for any requests on 1300 HITACHI or via our contact us form.