We aim to ensure that all genuine Hitachi undercarriage components are engineered to be extremely durable under the most challenging Australian conditions. Using Genuine Hitachi Undercarriage will ensure that your machine works reliably, safely and efficiently throughout its working life. A well maintained undercarriage extends the life, and ultimately lowers the long term cost of your machine, establishing the highest levels of productivity for a longer period of time.

Like all Hitachi equipment, our undercarriages are manufactured using the highest-quality and longest lasting materials to ensure guaranteed reliablity and performance. Tested under the toughest conditions, and designed and engineered specifically for your Hitachi machine. We stock the full range of undercarriage components including:

machine undercarriage parts Hitachi


undercarriage roller


Whether your machine requires single, double or inner flange rollers you can be assured Genuine Hitachi rollers will achieve maximum life in any application.

undercarriage tracks


Whether your machine uses rubber or steel tracks, we stock only the best for our Hitachi machines. Genuine tracks means smoother machine operation and optimised track life. We also provide a range of solutions from complete track assembles to individual track chains, pins and bushes, chain links and grouser shoes.

undercarriage idlers


Our Genuine Hitachi idlers have been manufactured to the highest quality through the casting, forging and fabrication processes. This guarantees superior wear resistance backed by OEM warranty.

Air filtration


Sprockets are vital to the performance and wear of undercarriage. Genuine Hitachi sprockets are engineered and designed in unison with Hitachi tracks to work as a system and achieve maximum life with smoother machine operation.


Why Use Genuine Hitachi Undercarriage Parts

Genuine Hitachi Undercarriages are made from high-quality, reliable components, developed using decades of industry leading engineering experience. Tested under the toughest conditions, they can withstand extreme stress and will give your excavator a superior level of performance. Designed and engineered specifically for Hitachi machines, they provide you with an optimal level of performance and lasting productivity.

Supplied through your HCA local branch, our National 24/7 Customer Support Centre (1300 HITACHI), or login to Hitachi Parts Online. We are committed to providing around the clock response service, ensuring you get your parts when you need them.

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