There are many non-genuine hoses for your Hitachi equipment and although they may fit your machine, not all hoses are the same. From our experience we have found many cases of unexpected failures with non-genuine hoses. Our tests have consistently shown a clear advantage of genuine over non-genuine.

Hitachi hoses meet our strict OEM specifications and we recommend only genuine hoses be used. This will reduce the risk of injuries and environmental pollution whilst also minimising the potential for machine damage and maintenance costs over time.

Genuine Hitachi High Pressure Hoses


high pressure hose

Burst Pressure Test

This test determines the actual burst strength of the hose assembly and any signs of leakage, bulging, coupling ejection or hose burst considered to be a failure. Our tests, in accordance to industry standards, have shown non-genuine hoses fail at 40% to 50% lower pressures than genuine Hitachi hoses.

genuine high pressure hose under tension

Tensile Test

Both ends of the hose assembly are pulled under consistent tension till failure. Our tests have shown Hitachi genuine hoses performed considerable better than non-genuine which failed at 25% to 60% lower tension.

high pressure hose leak

Impulse Test

 Impulse testing is key to hose life as it cycles a hose at pressures up to 133% of the working pressure at 1 cycle per second. Hose assembly robustness is vital to test performance. Our testing has shown non-genuine hoses had 10% to 20% lower performance than genuine Hitachi hoses.

high pressure hose break

Cold Flex Test

The cold flex test checks the flexibility of the hydraulic hose across a wide range of temperatures. Our testing has consistently shown genuine Hitachi hydraulic hoses meet and/or exceed industry standards.


Why Use Genuine Hitachi High Pressure Hoses

Genuine Hitachi high pressure hoses are engineered to get the best performance out of your equipment, made from high-quality materials, and developed using decades of industry leading engineering experience. We test our high pressure hose products in our machines under the toughest conditions to ensure you get the very best out of your machine. Designed and engineered specifically for Hitachi machines, they provide you with an optimal level of performance and lasting efficiency.

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