Maintaining the cleanliness of your machine’s systems is one of the simplest and cost effective measures you can take in ensuring a longer more productive life for your machine. Hitachi genuine oil and fuel filters will not only keep your machine exceptionally clean, but will also ensure longer lasting engine and hydraulic components. Hitachi genuine filters are superior in quality and made specifically for your Hitachi machine, giving you peace of mind that your warranty will remain valid. Our machine filters are designed to help your machine run at optimum performance and minimise the potential of unscheduled downtime. In the long term, you’ll benefit from cost savings through less downtime, greater productivity on the job site and a higher resale value when you come to replace your Hitachi machine.

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air filter

Air Filters

Our genuine Hitachi Air Filters have been developed and tested in our machines in the harshest environments. No matter the quality of air your machine works in they are the natural choice when wanting the very best.

oil filter

Oil Filters

Many non-genuine oil filters fail to pass basic longevity tests when compared to their genuine counterparts. It pays to invest upfront with Genuine Hitachi Oil Filters and protect your machine in the long term. Hitachi recommends you use Genuine Hitachi Oil Filters in your machines.

fuel filter

Fuel Filters

The quality of the fuel purchased for your machine cannot always be controlled. However using Genuine Fuel Filters will provide you with confidence that your fuel system is protected which is fundamental to machine engine health.

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic cleanliness is paramount to optimising the performance of your Hitachi machine. Our genuine Hitachi hydraulic filters have been designed specifically for your machine. Hitachi recommends Genuine Hydraulic Filters are used along with Genuine Hydraulic Oil.


Why Use Genuine Hitachi Filters

Genuine Hitachi filters are engineered to get the best performance out of your equipment, made from high-quality materials, and developed using decades of industry leading engineering experience. We test our filtration products on our machines under the toughest conditions to ensure you get the very best out of your machine. Designed and engineered specifically for Hitachi machines, they provide your machine with an optimal level of performance and lasting efficiency.

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