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Our range of genuine Hitachi and Bell filtration perfectly complements the high quality of the machines. Modern engines, hydraulics, and fuel systems require maximum protection for high performance and extended component life. We carry the full range of engine, fuel, hydraulics, powertrain and air filtration for your Hitachi and Bell machines. 



Hitachi and Bell oils and lubricants are designed to protect parts and components that are exposed to extreme environments and operating conditions. HCA offers a range of quality engine, powertrain and hydraulic oils and greases to ensure your machine gets the formulars required to stay in optimal condition and remain as reliable it should.

Ground Engaging Tools


HCA Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed to complement the performance and productivity of your machine. HCA offers quality GET for the range of Hitachi equipment. HCA offers a range of bucket teeth, tooth adaptors, lip shrouds, side wall shrouds and wear bars ensuring your machine gets the boosted performance it needs to get the toughest jobs done.




The correct maintenance and upkeep of your undercarriage is vital to the performance of your machine. HCA sell undercarriage to meet the rigorous demands placed on our products. Features include; induction-hardening, double heat-quenching and wear resistance for extended service life. 

High Pressure Hoses


Modern hydraulic systems operate at extreme pressures requiring hoses that can withstand the forces demanded. HCA sell genuine high pressure hydraulic hoses which are manufactured to original OEM specifications. HCA genuine high pressure hydraulic hoses ensure optimum performance, reliability and safety.


Why Use Genuine Hitachi Parts

Genuine Hitachi parts are made from high-quality, reliable components, developed using decades of industry leading engineering experience. Tested under the toughest conditions, they can withstand extreme stress and will give your machine a superior level of performance and reliability. Designed and engineered specifically for Hitachi machines, they provide you with an optimal level of performance and lasting productivity.

Genuine Hitachi parts are supplied through our HCA branch network, our National 24/7 Customer Support Centre (1300 HITACHI), or through our digital platform Hitachi Parts Online. We are committed to providing around the clock response service, ensuring you get your parts when you need them.

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