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Create digital daily machine inspection reports


The ConSite SHOT app allows you to monitor your machines out in the field by providing a simple daily inspection report generator downloaded to your smartphone.

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With ConSite SHOT, operators can assess and photograph potential machine issues, add illustrative captions and make relevant selections based on condition, to generate a report before sending it to the office or to another mobile instantly at the press of a button. No more loose paper reports that never make it back to the office and are rarely reviewed.

Necessary action can be taken by the owner or an assigned staff member at the time of the inspection. This allows you to catch small issues as they arise and monitor their development before they become major problems requiring unnecessary machine downtime and costly repairs.

ConSite Shot application screenshots

The app allows you to assess the health of your machine daily through the generated reports, giving you the ability to digitally catalogue the data for potential future reference and analysis. Inspection reports are also shared with your dealer, allowing us to be proactive in providing servicing when most required.


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Download ConSite SHOT to your mobile now and start streamlining your machine monitoring system

Information will be shared with and monitored by your dealer.


How to get ConSite Shot?

Step 1. Register with Global e-Service and ConSite

Step 2. Download the ConSite SHOT app from you app store

Step 3. Login and start sending and receiving daily inspection reports

If you have any further questions call us on: 1300 HITACHI


Register with Global e-Service and ConSite now


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Streamline your machine monitoring system and keep an eye on your fleet out in the field with ConSite

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